Kendra Bracken-Ferguson – Successful Balance

Kendra Bracken-FergusonHelping to define and navigate the digital space as a creative force for brands and influencers, while becoming a recognized and sought-after business innovator and global digital architect  —  and balancing that with motherhood…

Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Transformative Brand Builder, Founder/CEO at BrainTrust, and former Chief Digital Officer at CAA-GBG, shares her story with George Manley (Chief Revenue Officer for Souler) in the MouthMedia Network studios. Presented by Souler.

In this story:

  • How Kendra knew she wanted to be in PR from the time she saw the Press Secretary in the 6th grade.
  • Purdue and her internship at FleishmanHillard PR
  • Receiving her Master’s in Sports Management and working with the Indiana Pacers
  • Leaving the Pacers Organization after the “Malice at the Palace” to join FleishmanHillard PR full time
  • Taking Cingular (AT&T) into the social sphere with MySpace
  • Creating a Mobile Music Studio with MySpace and Cingular
  • The birth of Digital PR, before it became Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • How PR Practitioners are always the best storytellers
  • Being a leader in the evolution of social media marketingKendra Bracken-Ferguson
  • Leading the Digital and Social teams at FleishmanHillard
  • Landing at Ralph Lauren after realizing her desire to get into fashion and beauty
  • Going from being an “Agency Girl” to the Brand Side of the business
  • Realizing the need to shift advertising budgets into social
  • Looking at social thru the lens of E-commerce
  • Can you get an influencer to bring someone to your website, have them stay long enough to make a purchase, and sign up for an emailer?
  • Starting a business to manage bloggers, DBA
  • Ralph Lauren’s invention of “Merchantainment”
  • Creating a symbiotic relationship between brand and blogger
  • Picking the right influencer based on the ethos of your brand
  • Starting a business without a business plan
  • The first time asking “Am I an entrepreneur?”
  • Launching a new product for bloggers
  • Having blogger parties with Kenneth Cole
  • Leaving DBA to work with brands again.
  • Realizing your flaws and finding your strengths
  • Building brands, connecting people, seeing the future, and being innovative
  • Surrounding yourself with people smarter than you
  • The busy life of PR
  • What is it that drives people to be serial entrepreneurs.
  • Wanting to write a book about being an Intrepreneur vs Entrepreneur
  • Can you hire a COO, to handle things from management on down, and still be a great leader?
  • The humanity of CEOs, from meltdowns to successes.
  • What is it that makes Elon Musk and Steve Jobs so unique?
  • How being an entrepreneur to psychologically damaging, the most positive way.
  • Can anyone be a brand builder, install the infrastructure needed to grow and support a new brand?
  • Having night sweats about being under capitalized.
  • Starting a company young with no “risk” versus starting a company with a family
  • Having a sense of destiny, Preparedness plus opportunity equals success
  • Balancing work life with family life
  • Kendra on being the best role model she can for her daughter and encouraging an entrepreneurial mind
  • How becoming a mom was a bit of a wake up for her health, both physical and mental
  • The best advice for being a successful mother and entrepreneur
  • Creating generational wealth for her family, it should be easier for the next generation.
  • Influencers are the new driver’s of commerce and pop culture trends
  • Her latest company, Talent Venture Fund
  • Bridging brands and influencers.
  • Increasing the valuation of brands to make them more commercially successful, and to help boost their relevance based on the partnership ownership with the talent

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