Obi NwankwoWhen it comes to actor Obi Nwankwo, it makes sense that the word “actor” comes from the Latin equivalent of “doer”.  His personal philosophy revolves round putting as much positive energy into the world, and his focus on how our focus becomes your reality—and the law of attraction.

Obi shares his story with George Manley (SVP of Sales and Marketing for Souler) in the MouthMedia Network studios. Presented by Souler. On Instagram, find Obi at @obi_nwankwo .

In this story:

  • How athletics helped Obi overcome his introverted tendenciesObi Nwankwo
  • Obi’s early side hustles in college running an entertainment company
  • Why Obi decided to set out to LA and pursue a career in entertainment and modeling
  • The prominence of social media platforms as the primary way people interact
  • The trial and error approach to building a following on social media
  • Obi’s colorful approach to branding
  • How Obi built a following of 40,000 users in 18 months
  • Ways to use, but not abuse, hashtags and searches in Instagram to gain visibility
  • The company Obi runs with his sister
  • The socially-conscious upcoming films Obie is set to appear in
  • How Obi found the confidence that’s led to his recent film roles
  • The role faith plays in Obi’s life
  • Obi’s life philosophy of putting as much positive energy into the world, and why conversely some people who only put out negative energy still manage to be successful
  • How his father’s departure impacted Obi’s life trajectory starting at age 11
  • The shift in how faith and organized religion are perceived in light of the current social and political climate in America

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