If you know anything about Broderick Hunter, you’d think “supermodel who’s expanding into acting”. And with more than a quarter million Instagram followers, you would think influencer as well.

Broderick HunterYou might not guess he grew up riding bulls and had a pet pig.

Or that he studied to be an EMT, and had a promising athletic career ahead of him, only to be cut short by an injury just when things were finally getting good.

Most of all, you may not know how deep, thoughtful, and driven a human being Broderick is.

Broderick (@broderickhunter) shares his story with George Manley (SVP of Sales and Marketing for Souler), along with special guest host Christopher Holland, an intimate conversation recorded a few miles outside Austin Texas during SXSW. We sat near a lake “campfire style.” If you listen closely, you may hear the coyotes howling in the background. Presented by Souler.

In this story:

  • A career of fashion 7 years, braced into acting,
  • Being open now, peeling off old skin, trying something new
  • Having two parents with different ways of loving and showing love
  • Not identifying with black friends as much and being seen as a loser, and how he got along with a lot of people but wasn’t popular, just existed, not super deep friendships—yet most popular people peaked in high school
  • How Broderick only started getting a better understanding of himself in recent years
  • Lessons he learned from playing ball, and studying to be an EMT
  • Broderick’s brief college athletic career – not getting recruited by schools he wanted to be seen by because he was overshadowed by coaching decisions,  and how he ultimately didn’t end up withs schools he wanted to go to
  • Getting hurt in a athletic camp that finally was where he wanted to be recruited, and having to ultimately to attend Jr. College
  • A year of finding himself, and a depression
  • Growing up in Houston, riding bulls and a pet pig
  • Those three free-throws that made him realize he. didn’t want to play basketball anymore
  • Getting recruited as a model
  • The initial photos as a model that moved well across the Internet
  • Why his dad didn’t want to support him,   when Broderick got his first magazine cover, and how his parents were hurt he left them out of his journey
  • Deciding he needed agency, how Christopher Holland came into the scene
  • His. early stages of becoming a supermodel, and how Broderick’s original manager died of cancer
  • Promoting how he starts from the inside out, expanding on who he is as a person
  • Being objectified instead of a person while trying to make a good impression
  • Having one shot to make it
  • Coming into the business before social media and having two work harder
  • Being sexually approached in a job situation , and why people will surrender
  • Know yourself, be honest with yourself
  • What the #METOO movement did
  • Always mindful that he possibly doesn’t have as many opportunities as a black man, doesn’t want to do anything to mess that up
  • How influence has translated into Broderick’s success
  • Authenticity and how that connects with Twitter following and his desire for showing different layers off himself

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