Betsy Pearce is a high-flying “legal eagle” in the fashion industry, and has been called one of Fashion’s 50 Most Powerful. Some of her notable work involves big names you likely know. But to know Betsy herself —  she may not may not fit squarely in a box as a”stereotypical” lawyer. She’s much, much more.

Betsy Pearce shares her story with George Manley (SVP of Sales and Marketing for Souler) in the MouthMedia Network studios. Presented by Souler.

In this story:

  • Why Betsy is a proud Minnesotan and why values are important to her
  • Growing up during the Nixon administration compared to living through the Trump administration
  • Community versus Tribalism
  • What Betsy believes is her best quality and what that has to do with her successes as a lawyer
  • The struggle to find a career path that is challenging and rewarding
  • Betsy’s early work in entertainment law and doing consultant work
  • How Betsy came to practice transactional law for some of the biggest fashion brands in the world almost by chance
  • The challenges of being a lawyer tasked with keeping a famously rebellious designer and artist to agree to a deal
  • Betsy’s perceptions of Alexander McQueen and Kate Spade professionally and as people
  • Mental health and the lack of proper attention it is paid, culturally
  • The effect social media has for people who operate as figureheads, especially those who battle depression
  • A dramatic story where Betsy gets lost on a mountain in Telluride 

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