A consultant who helps small brands build, how her very early connections with social media players led to a successful business, and why with 100k followers within reach, and despite looking and acting like an influencer, she doesn’t see herself as one…

HaleyHaley Findlay, Travel Entrepreneur, Co-Founder at Exclusively Social, and Founder at Findlay Client Services, shares her story with George Manley (SVP of Sales and Marketing for Souler) in the MouthMedia Network studios. Presented by Souler.

In this story:

  • The narrow needs and wants of brands from influencers
  • How do you add impactful followers to your niche
  • Blending physical and digital influence
  • Her background in event planning and its impact on her current endeavours
  • The secret sauce to building your follower base
  • How she does not consider herself an influence but a woman of influenceHaley
  • Her custom men’s apparel business and her original dream of schooling in NY for fashion design
  • Her women’s empowerment initiatives and its root in her close group of friends
  • How the loneliness of entrepreneurship lead her to start Exclusively Social
  • Men vs Women, who’s easier to work FOR, who’s easier to work WITH
  • The major differences between Gen Y and Z, and how that will impact brands and influencers
  • How Gen Z is looking to connect with brands and each other in a collective manner
  • Gen Z’s desire to be a part of change
  • The rise of micro and nano influencers: a brand’s cautionary tale – what power do you have to control the message?
  • How and what is genuinely authentic?
  • Her use of her platform to uplift, empower and inspire
  • Shifting her niche away from travel and into business
  • Calling out Spencer at Super Charge
  • Leveraging personal contacts and personal social media to create unique opportunities
  • The Death of the Influencer?

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