Spencer Kohn of Supercharge – Image and Influence

Building an international creative agency producing branded content and travel production with influence…

Spencer KohnSpencer Kohn, Co-founder and Creative Director of Supercharge (an integrated community of content creators, producers, and influencers, utilizing their talents to create unique branded experiences), shares his story with George Manley (SVP of Sales and Marketing for Souler) in the MouthMedia Network studios. Presented by Souler.

In this story:

  • How Spencer started Supercharge with him and a business partner two years ago
  • Spencer was coming off a stint as creative director of magazine, looking for something new to explore
  • Multi brands sharing the cost of a campaign, and international trips
  • First trip to Nicaragua
  • Brands paying influencers to travel for free, campaign with imagery and video, and influencers agree to post
  • Campaigns have brought him to St. Lucia, Morocco, Cuba, Mexico, Bali, Finland, Croatia
  • Looking forward to traveling for fun for the first time in a few years
  • Recruiting more influencers
  • Larger scale projects, waiting for brands to come to them, and brands becoming exclusive with those influencers
  • Justifying that the images and assets that come from the trips will generate ROI for brands
  • Requiring brands to hire content and marketing teams alongside Supercharge’s work
  • Influencer have a large following that cares what what that person is saying, like modern day celebritiesSpencer Kohn
  • WinkyLux as a success example
  • Instagram very valuable but changing, influencers very curated and very focused are getting it done
  • How Spencer got into photography, inspired by mother, being working as photographer since 15, but entrepreneurial since 12
  • Always understood value of money
  • How skateboarding knowledge got him a photo gig
  • When Spencer bought his first pro camera because another camera broke
  • Creating a collective of fashion people and other creative people
  • Having a small portfolio of NY models while on West coast
  • Building a meaningful portfolio
  • Spencer known for surreal photo scheme, with special effects all done in-camera
  • All the people Spencer’s been with in past dozen years — still with them and still good friends
  • Shooting for major labels, major celebrities, his work in major magazines – -all before age 26
  • Spencer never had a bad experience with a celebrity—only with people who think they will be celebrities
  • Finding what peaks your own creative interest
  • When an unsolicited email from Instagram changed everything and made Spencer go viral, and why he  didn’t take as much advantage of that as he should – online fame but few jobs through Instagram
  • Spencer’s friends are his greatest cheerleaders, never had to formally market himself
  • Loving photography, what makes Spencer pull his camera out – personality
  • Musicians are awesome to work with, and why Spencer is inspired by writers
  • And —  the birth of a possible collaboration

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