Christopher Holland – The Essence of a Successful Walking Brand

Brand management and consulting for talent, actors, models, professional athlete models…

Christopher HollandChristopher Holland, J.D, Founder of Duck Holland, LLC (legal and marketing package (one-stop shop) for persons and businesses needing assistance with Brand Growth and Brand Registration and Protection), shares his story with George Manley (SVP of Sales and Marketing for Souler) in the MouthMedia Network studios. Presented by Souler.

In this story:

  • The push explore what it takes to create heightened visibility for 2 years
  • Tailoring work based on a client’s ambitions and a view of their personal brand and image
  • Creating brand registration, marks, logos
  • Best practices to turn into a modern day creative – looking at what that creative is passionate about
  • The need to figure out who you are targeting with your talents and brand, who you want to be like or similar to, what career field, marketing, who to put them in the room with
  • Seeking a brand that’s an extension of one’s personal brand
  • The three tiers of work that Christopher provides
  • Graduating with a law degree, then pivoting to something that’s a best fit
  • Physically making introductions, dragging the client to functions and opportunities to connect
  • The necessity to be building relationships and brand simultaneously
  • Talent is great, but if no one knows or there isn’t visibility, you can’t maximize full potential
  • How Christopher takes on “one-of-a-kinds” and can mix them well in certain environments/atmospheres that can have the right people in the worldChristopher Holland
  • Having a gift, being able to feel and spot that “something” or “essence” in someone, then trying to get other people to see it
  • Seeking that someone is remarkable in a unique way that’s not common
  • Christopher’s process has no template, it is not “add water and stir”
  • Play in your lane, and evolve if needed, but “do you”
  • Morehouse College
  • People who represented a standard for African Americans
  • Building a family of influencer creators likable, sweet, collaborative, and very real people
  • Is Christopher one of them?
  • Christopher on playing cello, being well traveled, med school and law school
  • A diversity of talents is a common ground he has with his clients.
  • Why Christopher doesn’t have to be famous and doesn’t want to
  • He likes being in the background, parental, helping, teaching, promoting
  • How Quincy Jones gave big stars a push that mattered
  • Christopher on being a vessel that’s being used within the master plan for a greater purpose, hoping what he does bring is something that reveals to people who they are in the grand scheme of the master plan
  • Getting clients to underscore what is actually important
  • Being light — or the absence of light
  • In consideration of skin color
  • And a new dream client he’d love to bring on, cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason

Christopher Holland on Instagram: @duckhollandco

Souler Stories on Instagram @souler_stories

George Manley on Instagram: @manleysmission

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